Applied Developmental Science Impact Factor, Indexing, Ranking

Applied Developmental Science Impact Factor, Indexing, Ranking

Applied Developmental Science (ADS) is a scholarly journal dedicated to publishing research in the field of Social Sciences. Taylor and Francis is the publisher of this esteemed journal. The P-ISSN assigned to Applied Developmental Science is 1088-8691 and its abbreviated form is Appl Dev Sci.

Aim and Scope

The focus of this multidisciplinary journal is the synthesis of research and application to promote positive development across the life span and across the globe. The journal publishes research that generates knowledge about human development that informs public dialogue, social policy, and preventive and development optimizing interventions. The applied developmental science orientation is defined by three conjoint emphases. The applied aspect reflects its direct implication for what individuals, families, practitioners, and policymakers do. The developmental aspect emphasizes a focus on systematic and successive changes within individual and social systems that occur across the life span. The science aspect underscores the need to use a range of research methods to collect reliable and objective information in a systematic manner to test the validity of theory and application.

The convergence of these three aspects leads to a fostering of a reciprocal relationship between theory and application as a cornerstone of applied developmental science, one wherein empirically based, developmental theory not only guides intervention strategies and social policy, but is influenced by the outcome of these activities. Furthermore, the convergence calls for a multidisciplinary perspective aimed at integrating information from biological, medical, social, and behavioral science disciplines.

Given this multidisciplinary orientation, the journal publishes research employing any of a diverse array of rigorous qualitative as well as quantitative methodologies, when they have important implications for the application of developmental science across the human life span. Manuscripts pertinent to the diversity of development throughout the life span, cross-national and cross-cultural studies, studies pertinent to social justice, and research about the methods and measures involved in applying developmental science are particularly welcome. The journal does not publish pilot studies. Authors should include analytic techniques that indicate the effect size of findings and information about nature of the sample studied.

Journal Details

Journal title Applied Developmental Science (ADS)
Abbreviation Appl Dev Sci
Print ISSN 1088-8691
Online ISSN 1532-480X
Publisher Name Taylor and Francis
Editor-in-chief G. John Geldhof
Subject Category Social Sciences


Abbreviation : ISO Journal abbreviation refers to the shortened form or acronym used to represent the full title of a scholarly journal. The ISO4 Abbreviation of Applied Developmental Science Journal is Appl Dev Sci.


The Ranking of the Journal in 2024 is 1544. Ranking systems aim to provide an indication of a journal's quality, influence, and prestige within a specific field or discipline.

Impact Factor

The Journal's Impact Factor in 2024 is 3.8. it is all calculated by Clarivate, which means how many times a particular citation has been published in the past two years.

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The Journal SCImago in 2024 is 1.818. It is measured by the number of citations which are made by the particular journals, and the journal from where the citations arrived from.

Acceptance Rate

The Acceptance Rate in 2024 is 21%. It is a measure that provides insight into the selectivity and competitiveness of a journal's editorial process.


The Journal's H-Index in 2024 is 79. The H-index is calculated on how many times a particular author is cited and the number of published papers that a particular author has.


The Journal's Quartile is Q1. A quartile has three points, which are the upper quartile, median, and lower quartile. The main motive of the quartile is to calculate the interquartile range, that resembles the changes across the median.

Journal's Indexing

The Journal is indexed in (Indexing details)

PubMed Scopus Web of Science UGC Embase DOAJ

Indexing services aim to make it easier for researchers, scholars, and readers to discover and access articles from various journals within a specific field or discipline.

Journal's Metrics for 2024

Abbreviation Appl Dev Sci
Access type Hybrid
Acceptance rate 21%
Impact Factor 3.8
SJR 1.818
SNIP 3.926
Ranking 1544
CiteScore 10.6
H-Index 79

Editorial Board

The Editor-in-chief of the Journal is G. John Geldhof

Submission/Processing Fee (APC)

Processing/Submission Fee : Article submission/Processing fees (APC), also known as manuscript Publication fees or processing fees (APC), are charged by journals to authors for submitting/publishing their research papers/article.

The APC/Submission (Publication) Fee of the Journal is USD 4390

Call for paper

Call for paper : The Journal invites original research contributions for consideration of publication in Applied Developmental Science journal.

Journal seeking submissions in the broad areas of Social Sciences that align with journal's focus on Social Sciences.

for details about call for paper please visit to the official website of the journal to check the details about call for papers.

How to publish in Applied Developmental Science

Publishing in Applied Developmental Science involves the following steps:

  • Research: Conduct high-quality, impactful research in the field of Social Sciences.
  • Familiarize Yourself: Read and understand the aims and scope of Applied Developmental Science to ensure your work aligns with their focus.
  • Manuscript Preparation: Prepare your manuscript according to the Applied Developmental Science guidelines, including formatting, length, and referencing style.
  • Submission: Submit your manuscript through the journal's online submission system.

Applied Developmental Science FAQ

is journal indexed in PubMed?

No, the journal is not indexed in PubMed.

is journal indexed in Scopus?

Yes, the journal is indexed in Scopus.

is journal indexed in UGC?

Yes, the journal is indexed in UGC.

is journal indexed in Index Copernicus?

No, the journal is not indexed in Index copernicus.

is a predatory journal?

No, journal is not a predatory journal.

What is the Imptact Factor of Applied Developmental Science?

The Impact Factor of the Journal is 3.8.

What is the Ranking of the Journal?

The Ranking of the Journal is 1544.

is journal peer reviewed?

Yes the journal is a peer-reviewed journal.

is Applied Developmental Science a good journal?

Yes the journal is a peer-reviewed journal and good to publish your paper.

What is Applied Developmental Science?

Applied Developmental Science (ADS) is a scholarly journal dedicated to publishing research in the field of Social Sciences. Taylor and Francis is the publisher of this esteemed journal.

is Applied Developmental Science open access?

Yes, Applied Developmental Science is a open access (Hybrid) journal.

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