Business Management and Accounting Peer Reviewed Journals List 2024

What is Peer Review Process

Peer review is the process of having a group of experts in a particular field evaluate the work of a researcher before it is published in a journal or other publication. This process is designed to ensure that the work is original, valid, and significant.

What are Peer Reviewed Journals

Peer-reviewed journals are scholarly publications that subject submitted articles to a rigorous evaluation process conducted by experts in the relevant field. This process, known as peer review, ensures that only high-quality, original, and well-researched articles are published, upholding the credibility and integrity of the journal and the broader academic community.

Business Management and Accounting Peer Reviewed Journals

Journals title ISSN
International Journal of Operations and Production Management 1758-6593
International Journal of Consumer Studies 1470-6431
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 1535-3966
Review of Financial Studies 1465-7368
Organizational Research Methods 1552-7425
Journal of Sustainable Tourism 1747-7646
Journal of World Business 1878-5573
International Journal of Production Research 1366-588X
Journal of Knowledge Management 1367-3270
Family Business Review 1741-6248
Journal of Business Venturing 1873-2003
International Business Review 1873-6149
Tourism Management Perspectives 2211-9744
International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management 0960-0035
Long Range Planning 1873-1872
Oeconomia Copernicana 2353-1827
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management 1741-038X
Journal of Destination Marketing and Management 2212-5752
Strategic Management Journal 1097-0266
Public Administration Review 1540-6210
Tourism Geographies 1470-1340
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 1839-5260
European Journal of Information Systems 1476-9344
International Journal of Management Reviews 1468-2370
International Journal of Project Management 0263-7863
Journal of International Business Policy 2522-0705
Production Planning and Control 1366-5871
Journal of Finance 1540-6261
International Organization 1531-5088
Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing 2040-7122
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing 1547-7207
Business and Society 1552-4205
Journal of Management Information Systems 1557-928X
Global Strategy Journal 2042-5805
International Small Business Journal 0266-2426
Current Issues in Tourism 1747-7603
Leadership Quarterly 1873-3409
European Management Journal 1873-5681
Business Horizons 0007-6813
Journal of Management in Engineering ASCE 1943-5479
Fiscal Studies 1475-5890
Service Industries Journal 1743-9507
Journal of Family Business Strategy 1877-8585
Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 1540-7306
Tourism Review 1759-8451
Omega 0305-0483
Entrepreneurship and Regional Development 1464-5114
Journal of Intellectual Capital 1469-1930
Journal of Organizational Behavior 1099-1379
Journal of Small Business Management 1540-627X
Psychology and Marketing 1520-6793
Cities 1873-6084
Journal of Management Science and Engineering 2589-5532
Human Relations 1741-282X
Human Resource Management 1099-050X
Organization Studies 1741-3044
International Journal of Advertising 1759-3948
International Journal of Innovation Studies 2096-2487
Transportation Research Part A Policy and Practice 0965-8564
Human Resource Development Review 1552-6712
Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 1526-5498
Information and Organization 1471-7727
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology 2044-8325
International Journal of Human Resource Management 1466-4399
Journal of Marketing Research 1547-7193
Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 1477-9803
Organizational Psychology Review 2041-3874
Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management 1478-4092
Strategic Organization 1741-315X
Gender Work and Organization 1468-0432
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 1464-0643
Journal of International Marketing 1547-7215
New Technology Work and Employment 1468-005X
Journal of Services Marketing 0887-6045
Journal of Advertising 1557-7805
Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal 0951-3574
Economy and Society 1469-5766
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 1756-6916
British Journal of Management 1467-8551
ACM Transactions on Information Systems 1558-2868
Review of Finance 1573-692X
Personnel Psychology 1744-6570
Decision Sciences 1540-5915
Human Resource Management Journal 1748-8583
Management Science 1526-5501
Organization and Environment 1552-7417
Journal of Human Resources 1548-8004
Sport Management Review 1441-3523
Accounting Review 1558-7967
Journal of Marketing Management 1472-1376
European Journal of Marketing 0309-0566
Marketing Science 1526-548X
Production and Operations Management 1937-5956
Information Systems Research 1526-5536
Journal of Business and Psychology 1573-353X
Academy of Management Learning and Education 1944-9585
Journal of Technology Transfer 0892-9912
Accounting Organizations and Society 0361-3682
Data Science and Management 2666-7649
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 1095-9920
Journal of Consumer Psychology 1532-7663
Work Employment and Society 1469-8722
Business Ethics Quarterly 2153-3326
Journal of Accounting Research 1475-679X
IMF Economic Review 2041-417X
Marketing Theory 1741-301X
Review of Accounting Studies 1573-7136
Journal of Labor Economics 1537-5307
Organization Science 1526-5455
Strategy Science 2333-2077
Review of Public Personnel Administration 1552-759X
Review of International Organizations 1559-744X
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 1520-6688
Feminist Economics 1466-4372
Work Aging and Retirement 2054-4650
Journal of Finance and Data Science 2405-9188
China Journal of Accounting Research 2214-1421
Contemporary Accounting Research 1911-3846
Organization 1461-7323
Marketing Letters 1573-059X
Journal of Entrepreneurship 0973-0745
Journal of Conflict Resolution 3250
Journal of Management Inquiry 1552-6542
Management Learning 1461-7307
International Journal of Information Management 0268-4012
Financial Management 1755-053X
FIIB Business Review 2455-2658
Knowledge Management and E Learning 2073-7904
Global Business Review 0973-0664
Real Estate Economics 1540-6229
Academy of Management Annals 1941-6067
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 1552-7824
Academy of Management Review 1930-3807
Academy of Management Journal 1948-0989
Journal of Marketing 1547-7185
Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior 2327-0616
Journal of Management 1557-1211
Business Strategy and the Environment 1099-0836
Annals of Tourism Research 0160-7383
Tourism Management 0261-5177
Technovation 1879-2383
Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management 1936-8631
Journal of Service Research 1552-7379
European Business Review 0955-534X
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 1873-5509
Journal of Interactive Marketing 1520-6653
International Journal of Hospitality Management 0278-4319
Journal of Service Management 1757-5818
Human Resource Management Review 1053-4822
Review of Corporate Finance Studies 2046-9136
Journal of Business Research 1873-7978
Journal of Product Innovation Management 1540-5885
Journal of Vocational Behavior 1095-9084
Journal of Cleaner Production 1879-1786
Supply Chain Management 1359-8546
Journal of Supply Chain Management 1745-493X
Transportation Research, Part E Logistics and Transportation Review 1366-5545
Journal of Consumer Research 1537-5277
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 1540-6520
Journal of Management Studies 1467-6486
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 0969-6989
Journal of Business Logistics 2158-1592
Industrial Marketing Management 1873-2062
California Management Review 2162-8564
Journal of Travel Research 1552-6763
Journal of Retailing 0022-4359
International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Management 0976-4348
International Journal of Mathematical, Engineering and Management Sciences 2455-7749
Journal of South Asian Development 0973-1733
Foreign Trade Review 0971-7633
Journal of Human Values 0973-0737
Academy of Management Perspectives 1943-4529
ILR Review 2162-271X

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