Physics and Astronomy Journals List - 2024

Physics and Astronomy Journals List - Here's a compilation of leading journals in the Physics and Astronomy field that you can consistently consult and reference for your thesis and research papers. You can also consider submitting your research papers to these journals to demonstrate the quality and credibility of your work.

Physics and Astronomy Journals List 2024 ISSN
Advanced Quantum Technologies 2511-9044
ISA Transactions 1879-2022
Physical Review D 2470-0029
Microsystems and Nanoengineering 2055-7434
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 1879-2162
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia 1448-6083
Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences 1547-6561
2D Materials 2053-1583
Progress in Solid State Chemistry 0079-6786
Progress in Surface Science 1878-4240
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 0022-5096
Physical Review Research 2643-1564
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 1745-3933
Communications Physics 2399-3650
Scripta Materialia 1872-8456
ACS Sensors 2379-3694
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 1557-9670
APL Photonics 2378-0967
International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 1879-355X
Astrophysical Journal 1538-4357
ACS Photonics 2330-4022
Photonics Research 2327-9125
Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics 2050-3911
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 1538-3873
Astronomical Journal 1538-3881
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 1558-2221
Quantum Science and Technology 2058-9565
NPG Asia Materials 1884-4057
Advanced Optical Materials 2195-1071
Cell Reports Physical Science 2666-3864
Progress in Photovoltaics 1099-159X
NPJ Quantum Materials 2397-4648
Materials Today Nano 2588-8420
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 2162-2345
Progress in Quantum Electronics 0079-6727
Physical Review Letters 1079-7114
npj 2D Materials and Applications 2397-7132
Astrophysical Journal Letters 2041-8213
Materials Today Physics 2542-5293
AVS Quantum Science 2639-0213
Nano Letters 1530-6992
IUCrJ 2052-2525
Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 1538-4365
Nature Astronomy 2397-3366
npj Quantum Information 2056-6387
Optica 2334-2536
Applied Physics Reviews 1931-9401
Reports on Progress in Physics 1361-6633
Nature Communications 2041-1723
Light Science and Applications 2047-7538
Progress in Polymer Science 0079-6700
PRX Quantum 2691-3399
Nature Physics 1745-2473
Nature Reviews Physics 2522-5820
ACS Nano 1936-086X
Nature Electronics 2520-1131
Advanced Photonics 2577-5421
Nature Photonics 1749-4893
Advances in Physics 1460-6976
Nature Nanotechnology 1748-3395
Nature Materials 1476-1122
Wuli Xuebao Acta Physica Sinica 1000-3290
Zhongguo Youse Jinshu Xuebao Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals 1004-0609
Physical Review X 2160-3308
Chinese Optics 2097-1842
Advances in Optics and Photonics 1943-8206
Acta Optica Sinica 0253-2239
Chinese Journal of Lasers 0258-7025
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 1947-5462
Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics 0975-1041
Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy 2454-9983
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences India Section A Physical Sciences 2250-1762
Journal of Radars 2095-283X
JP Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 0973-5763
Defence Science Journal 0976-464X
Journal of Thermal Science 1993-033X
Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure 2213-8803
Mapan Journal of Metrology Society of India 0974-9853
Journal of Hydrodynamics 1878-0342
Chinese Optics Letters 1671-7694
Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow 2661-8877
Science China Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy 1674-7348
Frontiers of Physics 2095-0470
Rare Metals 1867-7185
Nano Research 1998-0000
Opto Electronic Advances 2096-4579
Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy 0973-7758
Reviews of Modern Physics 1539-0756

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