Chemical Engineering Peer Reviewed Journals List 2024

What is Peer Review Process

Peer review is the process of having a group of experts in a particular field evaluate the work of a researcher before it is published in a journal or other publication. This process is designed to ensure that the work is original, valid, and significant.

What are Peer Reviewed Journals

Peer-reviewed journals are scholarly publications that subject submitted articles to a rigorous evaluation process conducted by experts in the relevant field. This process, known as peer review, ensures that only high-quality, original, and well-researched articles are published, upholding the credibility and integrity of the journal and the broader academic community.

Chemical Engineering Peer Reviewed Journals

Journals title ISSN
Nano Materials Science 2589-9651
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 1095-7103
Smart Materials in Medicine 2590-1834
Biofabrication 1758-5090
ACS Sensors 2379-3694
Sensors International 2666-3511
Chemistry of Materials 1520-5002
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 1939-5116
Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 1947-5446
Metabolic Engineering 1096-7184
Corrosion Science 1879-0496
Materials Science for Energy Technologies 2589-2991
Current Opinion in Biotechnology 1879-0429
Nature Biotechnology 1546-1696
Green Chemical Engineering 2666-9528
ACS Applied Energy Materials 2574-0962
Applied Thermal Engineering 1873-5606
Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow 2661-8877
Carbon Resources Conversion 2588-9133
Journal of Pipeline Science and Engineering 2667-1433
Mechanism and Machine Theory 1873-3999
Nature Reviews Chemistry 2397-3358
Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering 2095-0187
Grain and Oil Science and Technology 2096-4501
Nature Nanotechnology 1748-3395
Journal of Bionic Engineering 1672-6529
Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 1004-9541
Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 0360-1285
Nature Biomedical Engineering 2157-846X
Chem 2451-9294
Nature Chemistry 1755-4349
Trends in Biotechnology 1879-3096
ACS Central Science 2374-7951
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 1521-3773
Chinese Journal of Catalysis 1872-2067
Biotechnology Advances 1873-1899
Journal of the American Chemical Society 1520-5126
Advanced Industrial and Engineering Polymer Research 2542-5048
Accounts of Materials Research 2643-6728
Biomaterials 1878-5905
Materials Horizons 2051-6355
Green Synthesis and Catalysis 2666-5549
ACS Catalysis 2155-5435
Engineering 2095-8099
Annual Review of Biophysics 1936-1238
Bioresource Technology 1873-2976
ACS Materials Letters 2639-4979
Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences 1547-6561
Nano Letters 1530-6992
Defence Science Journal 0976-464X
Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences 0975-7406
Indian Journal of Chemical Technology 0971-457X
Indian Journal of Fibre and Textile Research 0975-1025

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