Elsevier Engineering Journals List 2023

Elsevier Engineering Journals List 2023 ISSN
Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 1000-9361
Water Science and Engineering 1674-2370
Journal of Ocean Engineering and Science 2468-0133
Cement and Concrete Research 0008-8846
Automatica 0005-1098
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 0890-6955
Annual Reviews in Control 1367-5788
Cement and Concrete Composites 0958-9465
Water Research 0043-1354
Transportation Research Part B Methodological 0191-2615
Transportation Research, Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 1366-5545
Applied Energy 0306-2619
Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 0968-090X
Progress in Aerospace Sciences 0376-0421
Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing 0736-5845
International Journal of Plasticity 0749-6419
Biomaterials 0142-9612
Progress in Quantum Electronics 0079-6727
Technovation 0166-4972
Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing 0736-5845
Composites Part B Engineering 1359-8368
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 0956-5663
Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 0886-7798
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 0888-3270
Information Processing and Management 0306-4573
International Journal of Engineering Science 0020-7225
Current Opinion in Biotechnology 0958-1669
Information Sciences 0020-0255
Materials Today Advances 2590-0498
Transportation Research Part A Policy and Practice 0965-8564
Transportation Research Part D Transport and Environment 1361-9209
Energy 0360-5442
Journal of Cleaner Production 0959-6526
Global Food Security 2211-9124
Accident Analysis and Prevention 0001-4575