Q1 Quartile Journal List 2024

Q1 Quartile Journal List 2024 - Q1 journals are the top 25% of academic journals in a specific field, determined by their Citation Impact Factor (CIF). These journals are considered the most prestigious and influential in their field, and publishing in one can significantly advance an academic career.

Journals Title Quartile ISSN
Journal of the American Medical Directors Association Q1 1525-8610
Translational Stroke Research Q1 1868-4483
Limnology and Oceanography Q1 0024-3590
Chronic Stress Q1 2470-5470
Advances in Anatomic Pathology Q1 1072-4109
JCO Oncology Practice Q1 2688-1527
Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly Q1 1077-6990
Neurobiology of Language Q1 2641-4368
Advanced Quantum Technologies Q1 2511-9044
Fertility and Sterility Q1 0015-0282
Academic Medicine Q1 1040-2446
Sleep Q1 0161-8105
Molecular Biology of the Cell Q1 1059-1524
Journal of Structural Biology Q1 1047-8477
Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency Q1 0022-4278
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles Q1 2379-8858
Journal of Physical Oceanography Q1 0022-3670
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology Q1 1939-0041
ISA Transactions Q1 0019-0578
ACS Applied Energy Materials Q1 2574-0962
American Journal of Criminal Justice Q1 1066-2316
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society Q1 0002-9947
Survey of Ophthalmology Q1 0039-6257
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Q1 0022-1031
Foundations and Trends in Databases Q1 1931-7883
American Journal of Pathology Q1 0002-9440
JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics Q1 2473-4276
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Q1 0021-9797
SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing Q1 1064-8275
Multivariate Behavioral Research Q1 0027-3171
Thyroid Q1 1050-7256
Oncogenesis Q1 2157-9024
Quantitative Science Studies Q1 2641-3337
Journal of Law and Economics Q1 0022-2186
Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews Q1 0091-6331
Journal of Philosophy Q1 0022-362X
IMA Fungus Q1 2210-6340
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems Q1 1932-4545
Scientific Studies of Reading Q1 1088-8438
Communications Chemistry Q1 2399-3669
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology Q1 0190-9622
Ophthalmology Retina Q1 2468-6530
Journal of Leukocyte Biology Q1 0741-5400
AAPG Bulletin Q1 0149-1423
iScience Q1 2589-0042
Free Radical Biology and Medicine Q1 0891-5849
International Migration Review Q1 0197-9183
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Q1 0077-8923
Radiology Cardiothoracic Imaging Q1 2638-6135
British Journal of Psychology Q1 0007-1269
Stochastics and Partial Differential Equations Analysis and Computations Q1 2194-0401
Environmental Research Q1 0013-9351
Disability and Health Journal Q1 1936-6574
Journal of Immunology Q1 0022-1767
International Journal of Impact Engineering Q1 1879-3509
European Journal of Endocrinology Q1 0804-4643
International Journal of Fatigue Q1 0142-1123
Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases Q1 0033-0620
International Endodontic Journal Q1 0143-2885
Econometrics Journal Q1 1368-4221
Vaccine X Q1 2590-1362
Journal of Sustainable Cement Based Materials Q1 2165-0373
Qualitative Research Q1 1468-7941
Harvard Review of Psychiatry Q1 1067-3229
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia Q1 1520-9210
Journalism Q1 1464-8849
AIDS Patient Care and STDs Q1 1087-2914
Nicotine and Tobacco Research Q1 1462-2203
Physical Review D Q1 2470-0010
Sport Management Review Q1 1441-3523
Critical Studies in Education Q1 1750-8487
Microsystems and Nanoengineering Q1 2055-7434
Mechanism and Machine Theory Q1 0094-114X
Journal of Research on Adolescence Q1 1050-8392
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Q1 0009-9236
LGBT Health Q1 2325-8292
Journal of Black Psychology Q1 0095-7984
Journal of Management in Engineering ASCE Q1 0742-597X
European Heart Journal Acute Cardiovascular Care Q1 2048-8726
Skeletal Muscle Q1 2044-5040
npj Aging and Mechanisms of Disease Q1 2056-3973
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences Q1 0020-7403
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems Q1 0142-0615
Multiple Sclerosis Journal Q1 1352-4585
Journal of Materials Chemistry C Q1 2050-7526
Feminist Economics Q1 1354-5701
Biofabrication Q1 1758-5082
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia Q1 1323-3580
Sports Medicine Open Q1 2198-9761
Environmental Microbiomes Q1 2524-6372
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers Q1 0020-2754
IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering Q1 2327-4697
Antibody Therapeutics Q1 2516-4236
Health Education and Behavior Q1 1090-1981
Sociology of Religion Q1 1069-4404
Journal of Translational Medicine Q1 1479-5876
Cell Death Discovery Q1 2058-7716
Liver Transplantation Q1 1527-6465
International Journal for Equity in Health Q1 1475-9276
Journal of Higher Education Q1 0022-1546
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