Prohominum Impact Factor, Indexing, Ranking

Prohominum Impact Factor, Indexing, Ranking

Prohominum (P) is a scholarly journal dedicated to publishing research in the field of Social Sciences. Acvenisproh is the publisher of this esteemed journal. and its abbreviated form is Prohominum.

Prohominum Aim and Scope

Prohominum, Journal of Social and Human Sciences is a scientific publication of the Venezuelan Association of Social Research for Humanity (ACVENISPROH). Prohominum is a scenario that contributes to the promotion, development, and strengthening of research culture, with regional, national, and global projection, in the area of ​​social and human sciences, aimed at providing participation opportunities to new and established researchers with concern. to show the scientific community their advances and research results.

Prohominum is published quarterly. Its 4 annual publications allow the dissemination of works carried out by national or foreign researchers, and productions that constitute a contribution to the field of social and human sciences. Adjusted to the scientific quality criteria reflected in the publication standards. Your articles can be presented in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

It only publishes unpublished articles related to completed research, bibliographic reviews, technological development reports, scientific essays, and proposals for educational models and innovations. It should be noted that the articles must not have been previously sent, nor in parallel, to another journal.

Criteria such as originality, social relevance, scientific rigor, timeliness, and contribution, among others, constitute aspects considered for the evaluation of the productions sent to this electronic portal for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. The articles are refereed by experts in their topics, with extensive methodological knowledge, under the Double Blind technique.

This publication has among its purposes:

  • Contribute to the promotion and dissemination of multidisciplinary scientific knowledge, linked to the area of ​​Social and Human Sciences; that serves as a basis for the enrichment of the scientific heritage in Latin America and its contribution to the improvement of the quality of human life, in harmony with the rest of the world and the environment.
  • Promote research in the social field, through the dissemination of materials of interest that raise awareness among the new, developing and consolidated scientific community, through the exchange of experiences and the collective construction of knowledge.

Prohominum  is published in digital format through the OJS platform. Your articles can be presented in Open Office or Microsoft Word formats. This journal seeks to consolidate a space for dialogue and scientific reflection with an inter and multidisciplinary perspective, with emphasis on Social Sciences intertwined with legal sciences and economic sciences with a humanistic vision. The articles are focused on social interaction, its components (what systematizes them, the agreements that are formed) and everything related to coexistence between two or more social groups. Therefore, it can cover different areas of social knowledge, among which we can distinguish: Education, Humanities, Economics, Administration, Arts, Law, Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Communication and other related areas.

Prohominum Details

Journal title Prohominum (P)
Abbreviation Prohominum
Online ISSN 2665-0169
Publisher Name Acvenisproh
Editor-in-chief Dr. Celia Cruz Betancourt, PHD
Subject Category Social Sciences

Prohominum Abbreviation

Prohominum Abbreviation : ISO Journal abbreviation refers to the shortened form or acronym used to represent the full title of a scholarly journal. The ISO4 Abbreviation of Prohominum Journal is Prohominum.

Prohominum Impact Factor

At present, the Prohominum's Impact Factor is unavailable as the journal is not yet indexed in the Web of Science (WOS). Rest assured, as soon as the impact factor becomes available, we will promptly update this information. Please stay tuned for updates regarding this matter.

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Prohominum Indexing

The Prohominum is indexed in (Indexing details)

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Prohominum Metrics for 2024

Abbreviation Prohominum
Access type Open Access

Prohominum Editorial Board

The Editor-in-chief of Prohominum is Dr. Celia Cruz Betancourt, PHD

Prohominum Call for paper

Prohominum Call for paper : Prohominum invites original research contributions for consideration of publication in Prohominum journal.

Journal seeking submissions in the broad areas of Social Sciences that align with journal's focus on Social Sciences.

for details about call for paper please visit to the official website of the journal to check the details about call for papers.

How to publish in Prohominum

Publishing in Prohominum involves the following steps:

  • Research: Conduct high-quality, impactful research in the field of Social Sciences.
  • Familiarize Yourself: Read and understand the aims and scope of Prohominum to ensure your work aligns with their focus.
  • Manuscript Preparation: Prepare your manuscript according to the Prohominum guidelines, including formatting, length, and referencing style.
  • Submission: Submit your manuscript through the journal's online submission system.

Prohominum FAQ

is Prohominum journal indexed in PubMed?

No, the Prohominum journal is not indexed in PubMed.

is Prohominum journal indexed in Scopus?

No, the Prohominum journal is not indexed in Scopus.

is Prohominum journal indexed in UGC?

No, the Prohominum journal is not indexed in UGC.

is Prohominum journal indexed in Index Copernicus?

Yes, the Prohominum journal is indexed in Index copernicus.

is Prohominum a predatory journal?

No, Prohominum journal is not a predatory journal.

What is the Imptact Factor of Prohominum?

The "Prohominum" Journal is not indexed in WOS, so the journal doesn't have a Impact Factor.

is Prohominum peer reviewed journal?

Yes the Prohominum (P) journal is a peer-reviewed journal.

is Prohominum a good journal?

Yes the Prohominum journal is a peer-reviewed journal and good to publish your paper.

What is Prohominum?

Prohominum (P) is a scholarly journal dedicated to publishing research in the field of Social Sciences. Acvenisproh is the publisher of this esteemed journal.

is Prohominum open access?

Yes, Prohominum is a open access journal.

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