List of Free Social Sciences Journals Without APC (Publication Fee) : 2024

Are you looking for Social Sciences without APC Journals? Researchers can publish their work without Article Processing Charges (APC) by submitting to free publishing research journals indexed in Scopus/SCI.

A Non-APC journal is a scientific publication that doesn't require authors to pay fees for article publication post-acceptance. This webpage is dedicated to providing a list of free (Unpaid) Social Sciences Journals.

Journals List ISSN
Developmental Psychology 1939-0599
Academy of Management Learning and Education 1944-9585
Democratization 1743-890X
Open Mind 2470-2986
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication 1083-6101
Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics 2307-387X
Journal of Governance Security and Development 2709-0590
Journal of Communication Sociology and History Studies 2791-7584
Prohominum 2665-0169
Journal of Democracy 1086-3214
Quarterly Journal of Political Science 1554-0634
Journal of Educational Psychology 1939-2176
Annual Review of Criminology 2572-4568
Journal of Advertising 1557-7805
Survey Research Methods 1864-3361
Trauma Violence and Abuse 1552-8324
Journal of Peace Research 0022-3433
Sociological Theory 1467-9558
World Politics 1086-3338
Progress in Human Geography 1477-0288
Strategic Organization 1741-315X
Asia Pacific Journal of Research in Early Childhood Education 2233-5234
Pakistan Journal of Educational Research 2707-7985
International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security 2074-9104
International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science 2075-017X
Jus Corpus Law Journal 2582-7820
International Journal Of Humanities And Art Research 2687-6248
Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology 1009-6744
Contemporary dilemmas Education, Politics and Values 2007-7890
Journal of Social Computing 2688-5255
Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine 2349-5014
Resonance 0973-712X
Sociological Bulletin 2457-0257
Journal of Human Values 0973-0737
Journal of Intellectual Property Rights 0975-1076
Health Policy, Economics and Sociology 2960-9984
Journal of South Asian Development 0973-1733
Indian Journal of Human Development 2456-480X
Annals of Library and Information Studies 0975-2404
India Quarterly 0975-2684
Asia Pacific Media Educator 2321-5410
China Review 1680-2012
Contemporary Education Dialogue 2249-5320
Knowledge Management and E Learning 2073-7904
Journal of Content, Community and Communication 2456-9011
International Journal of Geoheritage and Parks 2577-445X
Regional Sustainability 2666-660X
Education for Health Change in Learning and Practice 1469-5804
International Studies 0973-0702
DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology 0976-4658
China Report 0973-063X
International Journal of Rural Management 0973-0680
MMWR Surveillance Summaries 1545-8636
Journal of Mid Life Health 0976-7819
Energy and Built Environment 2666-1233
Digital Communications and Networks 2352-8648
AWARI 2675-522X
Iberoamerican Journal of Science Measurement and Communication 2709-3158
South Asia Research 1741-3141
Asian Journal of Social Health and Behavior 2772-4204
MMWR Recommendations and Reports 1545-8601

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