NMC Approved Economics Econometrics and Finance Journals List: 2024

NMC Approved Economics Econometrics and Finance Journals List: 2024 : As per the new regulations (February 2022) of the National Medical Commision (NMC), India, only original papers, meta-analysis, systematic reviews, and case series that are published in journals included in Medline, PubMed Central, Embase, Scopus, Science Citation Index, Science Citation Index Expanded and Directory of Open access journals (DOAJ) will be considered for promotion of medical faculty.

Economics Econometrics and Finance Journals List 2024 ISSN
Econometrics Journal 1368-423X
Marketing Letters 1573-059X
Real Estate Economics 1540-6229
Journal of Financial Econometrics 1479-8409
European Review of Agricultural Economics 1464-3618
Financial Management 1755-053X
Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal 0951-3574
International Review of Financial Analysis 1057-5219
Annual Review of Financial Economics 1941-1375
Family Business Review 1741-6248
Journal of International Marketing 1547-7215
Fiscal Studies 1475-5890
Business Ethics Quarterly 2153-3326
Journal of Family Business Strategy 1877-8585
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 1467-8276
International Economic Review 1468-2354
Theoretical Economics 1933-6837
Review of Economic Dynamics 1096-6099
Annual Review of Resource Economics 1941-1359
Journal of Economic Surveys 1467-6419
Journal of Economic History 1471-6372
Journal of Economic Theory 1095-7235
Contemporary Accounting Research 1911-3846
Explorations in Economic History 1090-2457
International Business Review 1873-6149
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal 1932-443X
RAND Journal of Economics 1756-2171
Journal of Economic Growth 1573-7020
Journal of World Business 1878-5573
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing 1547-7207
Quantitative Economics 1759-7331
Journal of Human Resources 1548-8004
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 1756-6916
IMF Economic Review 2041-417X
Journal of Supply Chain Management 1745-493X
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 1533-4465
Journal of International Business Studies 1478-6990
Journal of Accounting Research 1475-679X
Review of Finance 1573-692X
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 1540-6520
Economic Journal 1468-0297
Accounting Review 1558-7967
Review of Asset Pricing Studies 2045-9939
Journal of Labor Economics 1537-5307
Review of Financial Studies 1465-7368
Econometrica 1468-0262
American Economic Journal Microeconomics 1945-7685
The Review of Economic Studies 1467-937X
Journal of Financial Intermediation 1096-0473
Review of Corporate Finance Studies 2046-9136
Journal of the European Economic Association 1542-4766
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 1552-7824
Frontiers of Economics in China 1673-3444
Journal of Management 1557-1211
Journal of Marketing Research 1547-7193
Marketing Science 1526-548X
American Economic Journal Economic Policy 1945-774X
Journal of Economic Perspectives 1944-7965
Annual Review of Economics 1941-1391
Journal of Marketing 1547-7185
American Economic Journal Macroeconomics 1945-7715
Indian Journal of Finance 0973-8711
Journal of Emerging Market Finance 0973-0710
China Journal of Accounting Research 2214-1421
South Asia Economic Journal 0973-077X
Foreign Trade Review 0971-7633
Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Science 2309-8619
Journal of Entrepreneurship 0973-0745
Journal of Finance 1540-6261
Journal of Political Economy 1537-534X
American Economic Review 1944-7981
Quarterly Journal of Economics 1531-4650

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