Journal Quartile List 2024

A journal quartile is a ranking system used to measure the relative importance of academic journals within a specific field. It divides journals into four categories, with Q1 representing the top 25% of journals, Q2 representing the next 25%, and so on.

Journals Title Quartile ISSN
Journal of Psychiatric Research Q1 0022-3956
European Journal of Neurology Q1 1351-5101
Journal of Small Business Management Q1 0047-2778
Developments in the Built Environment Q1 2666-1659
Journal of Physiology Q1 0022-3751
Applied Thermal Engineering Q1 1359-4311
Theory and Research in Social Education Q1 0093-3104
Public Administration Q1 0033-3298
Foundations of Computational Mathematics Q1 1615-3375
TESOL Quarterly Q1 0039-8322
Cephalalgia Q1 0333-1024
ACS Macro Letters Q1 2161-1653
Justice Quarterly Q1 0741-8825
Clinical Nutrition Q1 0261-5614
African Affairs Q1 0001-9909
Political Studies Q1 0032-3217
Computers Environment and Urban Systems Q1 0198-9715
Studies in Science Education Q1 0305-7267
Environment and Urbanization Q1 0956-2478
CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology Q1 0007-8506
Social Science Computer Review Q1 0894-4393
APL Materials Q1 2166-532X
International Journal of Human Resource Management Q1 0958-5192
Systematic Entomology Q1 0307-6970
Journal of Criminal Justice Q1 0047-2352
Management Learning Q1 1350-5076
Agricultural Systems Q1 0308-521X
Journal of Topology Q1 1753-8416
Journal of Services Marketing Q1 0887-6045
Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets Q1 1472-8222
Journal of Intellectual Capital Q1 1469-1930
United European Gastroenterology Journal Q1 2050-6406
The International Journal of Qualitative Methods Q1 1609-4069
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation Q1 1549-9618
European Journal of Preventive Cardiology Q1 2047-4873
Building and Environment Q1 0360-1323
Environment and Planning A Q1 0308-518X
Global Sustainability Q1 2059-4798
Journalism Studies Q1 1461-670X
Arthritis Research and Therapy Q1 1478-6354
British Medical Bulletin Q1 0007-1420
Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism Q1 0049-0172
BMJ Open Respiratory Research Q1 2052-4439
New Political Economy Q1 1356-3467
Histopathology Q1 0309-0167
Immunology Q1 0019-2805
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Q1 1749-5024
Computers and Security Q1 0167-4048
Electoral Studies Q1 0261-3794
Environmental Science Nano Q1 2051-8153
Engineering Structures Q1 0141-0296
Bone and Joint Research Q1 2046-3758
Journal of Family Theory and Review Q1 1756-2570
Language Testing Q1 1477-0946
Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Q1 1058-2746
Molecular Cancer Research Q1 1541-7786
Emotion Q1 1528-3542
Marketing Letters Q1 0923-0645
Schizophrenia Q1 2334-265X
Plants People Planet Q1 2572-2611
Acta Orthopaedica Q1 1745-3674
Teaching and Teacher Education Q1 0742-051X
Journal of Professional Capital and Community Q1 2056-9548
IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics Q1 2168-2194
Foot and Ankle International Q1 1071-1007
Journal of Educational Computing Research Q1 0735-6331
IEEE Open Journal of Power Electronics Q1 2644-1314
Gynecologic Oncology Q1 0090-8258
Journal of Environmental Management Q1 0301-4797
IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking Q1 2473-2400
Nanoscale Q1 2040-3364
Global Environmental Politics Q1 1526-3800
Canadian Journal of Political Science Q1 0008-4239
BJPsych Open Q1 2056-4724
Aging and Disease Q1 2152-5250
IEEE Control Systems Letters Q1 2475-1456
AMS Review Q1 1869-814X
Human Brain Mapping Q1 1065-9471
mSystems Q1 2379-5077
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management Q1 1932-4537
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters Q1 2377-3766
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Q1 1538-6341
Work Aging and Retirement Q1 2054-4642
Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu Q1 1474-7480
Food Chemistry Q1 0308-8146
European Management Journal Q1 0263-2373
Permafrost and Periglacial Processes Q1 1045-6740
Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences Q1 1040-8436
British Journal of Haematology Q1 0007-1048
Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives Q1 2590-1982
Foundations and Trends in Econometrics Q1 1551-3076
Current Opinion in Neurology Q1 1350-7540
Journal of Technology Transfer Q1 0892-9912
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research Q1 0884-0431
Clinical and Translational Medicine Q1 2001-1326
Antioxidants and Redox Signaling Q1 1523-0864
Medical Education Q1 0308-0110
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning Q1 0266-4909
Journal of Cheminformatics Q1 1758-2946
European Journal of Marketing Q1 0309-0566
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