Q2 Quartile Journal List 2024

Q2 Quartile Journal List 2024 - Q2 journals are the second tier of academic journals in a specific field. They fall below Q1 journals in terms of prestige and influence but are still considered to be high-quality publications. Q2 journals typically have Citation Impact Factors (CIFs) between 1.0 and 3.0, meaning that articles published in these journals are cited an average of 1-3 times per year by other researchers.

Journals Title Quartile ISSN
Tumu yu Huanjing Gongcheng Xuebao Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering Q2 2096-6717
Hunan Daxue Xuebao Journal of Hunan University Natural Sciences Q2 1674-2974
Zhongguo Zaozhi Xuebao Transactions of China Pulp and Paper Q2 1000-6842
Kexue Tongbao Chinese Science Bulletin Q2 0023-074X
China Economic Quarterly International Q2 2666-9331
Smart Agriculture Q2 2096-8094
Scientia Sinica Informationis Q2 1674-7267
China Welding English Edition Q2 1004-5341
World Journal of Emergency Medicine Q2 1920-8642
Journal of Social Computing Q2 2688-5255
Annals of Palliative Medicine Q2 2224-5820
Journal of Building Materials Q2 1007-9629
Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering Q2 1671-1637
Reproduction and Breeding Q2 2667-0712
Hupo Kexue Journal of Lake Sciences Q2 1003-5427
Journal of Marine Science and Application Q2 1671-9433
Brain Hemorrhages Q2 2589-238X
Journal of Forestry Engineering Q2 2096-1359
Sociological Bulletin Q2 0038-0229
Journal of Human Values Q2 0971-6858
Acta Chimica Sinica Q2 0567-7351
Earthquake Science Q2 1674-4519
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Q2 1934-6344
Geodesy and Geodynamics Q2 1674-9847
Nongye Gongcheng Xuebao Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering Q2 1002-6819
Advanced Steel Construction Q2 1816-112X
Zoological Systematics Q2 2095-6827
Journal of Radars Q2 2095-283X
Frontiers of Earth Science Q2 2095-0195
Acta Ecologica Sinica Q2 1872-2032
Zidonghua Xuebao Acta Automatica Sinica Q2 0254-4156
Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica Q2 0894-9166
Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine Q2 1672-0415
Journal of Biomedical Research Q2 1674-8301
Gland Surgery Q2 2227-684X
Frontiers of Materials Science Q2 2095-025X
Translational Pediatrics Q2 2224-4336
Annals of Cardiothoracic Surgery Q2 2225-319X
Global Energy Interconnection Q2 2096-5117
World Journal of Orthopedics Q2 2218-5836
Journal of Bionic Engineering Q2 1672-6529
Meitan Kexue Jishu Coal Science and Technology Q2 0253-2336
Journal of Ocean Engineering and Science Q2 2468-0133
International Journal of Ophthalmology Q2 2222-3959
Journal of Mountain Science Q2 1672-6316
Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration Q2 1671-3664
Journal of Thermal Science Q2 1003-2169
Nursing and Midwifery Studies Q2 2322-1488
Journal of Zhejiang University Science A Q2 1673-565X
Solid Earth Sciences Q2 2451-912X
Translational Andrology and Urology Q2 2223-4683
Data Science and Management Q2 2666-7649
Yantu Lixue, Rock and Soil Mechanics Q2 1000-7598
Acta Sedimentologica Sinica Q2 1000-0550
Journal of Finance and Data Science Q2 2405-9188
Acta Petrologica Sinica Q2 1000-0569
mHealth Q2 2306-9740
Translational Medicine of Aging Q2 2468-5011
Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences Q2 1664-3607
Aquaculture and Fisheries Q2 2096-1758
Journal of Otology Q2 2524-1753
Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery Q2 2223-4292
Frontiers in Energy Q2 2095-1701
Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering Q2 1004-9541
Current Science Q2 0011-3891
Frontiers of Information Technology and Electronic Engineering Q2 2095-9184
Journal of Geriatric Cardiology Q2 1671-5411
Journal of Electronic Science and Technology Q2 1674-862X
Petroleum Research Q2 2096-2495
Journal of Arid Land Q2 1674-6767
Knowledge Management and E Learning Q2 2073-7904
International Journal of Innovation Studies Q2 2589-2975
Chinese Medical Journal Q2 0366-6999
Petroleum Q2 2405-6561
Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences Q2 0976-4879
International Journal of Automation and Computing Q2 1476-8186
Virtual Reality and Intelligent Hardware Q2 2096-5796
International Journal of Intelligent Networks Q2 2666-6030
Indian Journal of Animal Research Q2 0367-6722
Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology Q2 0974-3618
Neural Regeneration Research Q2 1673-5374
Journal of the Formosan Medical Association Q2 0929-6646
Liver Research Q2 2096-2878
Non Coding RNA Research Q2 2468-0540
South Asia Economic Journal Q2 1391-5614
Translational Gastroenterology and Hepatology Q2 2224-476X
Journal of The Institution of Engineers India Series A Q2 2250-2149
International Studies Q2 0020-8817
Journal of Scientometric Research Q2 2321-6654
DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology Q2 0974-0643
Cancer Research Statistics and Treatment Q2 2590-3233
Indian Journal of Agricultural Research Q2 0367-8245
China Report Q2 0009-4455
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences India Section B Biological Sciences Q2 0369-8211
Sadhana Academy Proceedings in Engineering Sciences Q2 0256-2499
Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research Q2 1735-9066
Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research Q2 2231-4040
Sugar Tech Q2 0972-1525
Journal of Emergencies, Trauma and Shock Q2 0974-2700
Legume Research Q2 0250-5371
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