Agricultural and Biological Sciences Peer Reviewed Journals List 2024

What is Peer Review Process

Peer review is the process of having a group of experts in a particular field evaluate the work of a researcher before it is published in a journal or other publication. This process is designed to ensure that the work is original, valid, and significant.

What are Peer Reviewed Journals

Peer-reviewed journals are scholarly publications that subject submitted articles to a rigorous evaluation process conducted by experts in the relevant field. This process, known as peer review, ensures that only high-quality, original, and well-researched articles are published, upholding the credibility and integrity of the journal and the broader academic community.

Agricultural and Biological Sciences Peer Reviewed Journals

Journals title ISSN
Advances in Nutrition 2156-5376
Environmental DNA 2637-4943
PLoS Biology 1545-7885
Reviews in Fisheries Science and Aquaculture 2330-8257
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 0038-0717
Current Opinion in Plant Biology 1879-0356
Current Biology 1879-0445
Global Food Security 2211-9124
Ecology Letters 1461-0248
Food Chemistry 1873-7072
Plant Physiology 1532-2548
Horticulture Research 2052-7276
Conservation Letters 1755-263X
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Water 2049-1948
Limnology And Oceanography Letters 2378-2242
Molecular Ecology Resources 1755-0998
Plant Cell and Environment 1365-3040
Plant Journal 1365-313X
Science China Life Sciences 1869-1889
BMC Biology 1741-7007
Land Use Policy 1873-5754
Journal of Experimental Botany 1460-2431
Fish and Fisheries 1467-2979
Crop Journal 2214-5141
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2041-210X
Agricultural Systems 1873-2267
Systematic Biology 1076-836X
Quarterly Review of Biology 1539-7718
Food Policy 0306-9192
Global Ecology and Biogeography 1466-8238
mSystems 2379-5077
Animal Nutrition 2405-6383
Conservation Biology 1523-1739
Ecological Monographs 0012-9615
People and Nature 2575-8314
Ecography 1600-0587
Communications Biology 2399-3642
Horticultural Plant Journal 2468-0141
Journal of Ecology 1365-2745
IMA Fungus 2210-6359
Evolution Letters 2056-3744
Functional Ecology 1365-2435
Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences 0962-8452
Plants People Planet 2572-2611
Zoological research 2095-8137
Mammal Review 1365-2907
Plant Diversity 2468-2659
Journal of Animal Ecology 1365-2656
Ecology 1939-9170
Systematic Entomology 1365-3113
Grain and Oil Science and Technology 2096-4501
Database the journal of biological databases and curation 1758-0463
Diversity and Distributions 1472-4642
PLoS Genetics 1553-7404
Life Science Alliance 2575-1077
PLoS Computational Biology 1553-7358
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 1467-8276
Soil Ecology Letters 2662-2297
European Review of Agricultural Economics 1464-3618
Quaternary Science Reviews 1873-457X
Annual Review of Pathology Mechanisms of Disease 1553-4014
Aquaculture and Fisheries 2468-550X
Animal Frontiers 2160-6064
Biometrika 1464-3510
Journal of Food Science and Technology 0975-8402
Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants 0974-0430
Nature Sustainability 2398-9629
Molecular Plant 1752-9867
Annual Review of Plant Biology 1545-2123
Annual Review of Entomology 1545-4487
Nature Food 2662-1355
Trends in Plant Science 1878-4372
Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering 2095-977X
Journal of Biosciences 0973-7138
Journal of Forestry Research 1993-0607
Conservation and Society 0975-3133
Yantu Lixue, Rock and Soil Mechanics 1000-7598
Nature Plants 2055-026X
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 1872-8383
Genome Biology 1474-7596
Mycosphere 2077-7019
Nature Ecology and Evolution 2397-334X
Trends in Food Science and Technology 0924-2244
Molecular Biology and Evolution 1537-1719
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety 1541-4337
Plant Biotechnology Journal 1467-7652
Remote Sensing of Environment 1879-0704
Molecular Systems Biology 1744-4292
Annual Review of Food Science and Technology 1941-1421
ISME Journal 1751-7370
Plant Cell 1532-298X
Annual Review of Animal Biosciences 2165-8110
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 549-7852
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 1744-7909
Information Processing in Agriculture 2214-3173
Plant Communications 2590-3462
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 1540-9309
Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture 2589-7217
Annual Review of Phytopathology 1545-2107
BioScience 1525-3244
Biological Reviews 1469-185X
Sugar Tech 0974-0740
Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology 0974-1275
Acta Oceanologica Sinica 1869-1099
Asian Herpetological Research 2095-0357
Tropical Ecology 2661-8982
Translational Animal Science 2573-2102
Plant Science Today 2348-1900
Legume Research 0976-0571
Current Research in Nutrition and Food Science 2322-0007
Journal of the Indian Academy of Wood Science 0976-8432
Indian Journal of Animal Research 0976-0555

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