SAGE Journals List

SAGE Journals List ISSN
Organizational Research Methods 1094-4281
International Journal of Robotics Research 0278-3649
Big Data and Society 2053-9517
American Sociological Review 0003-1224
Educational Researcher 0013-189X
Progress in Human Geography 0309-1325
Emotion Review 1754-0739
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing 0743-9156
Business and Society 0007-6503
International Small Business Journal 0266-2426
Trauma Violence and Abuse 1524-8380
New Media and Society 1461-4448
Human Relations 0018-7267
Organization Studies 0170-8406
Communication Research 0093-6502
Journal of Marketing Research 0022-2437
European Stroke Journal 2396-9873
Organizational Psychology Review 2041-3866
Strategic Organization 1476-1270
Social Psychological and Personality Science 1948-5506
Journal of Health and Social Behavior 0022-1465
Comparative Political Studies 0010-4140
Urban Studies 0042-0980
American Journal of Sports Medicine 0363-5465
International Journal of Press Politics 1940-1612
Sociological Theory 0735-2751
Journal of Peace Research 0022-3433
Research and Politics 2053-1680
Review of Public Personnel Administration 0734-371X
Journal of Teacher Education 0022-4871
Sociology of Education 0038-0407
Journal of Entrepreneurship 0971-3557
Dialogues in Human Geography 2043-8206
FIIB Business Review 2319-7145
Global Business Review 0972-1509
Journal of Marketing 0022-2429
Journal of Management 0149-2063
Journal of Service Research 1094-6705
Journal of Interactive Marketing 1094-9968
Perspectives on Psychological Science 1745-6916
Review of Educational Research 0034-6543
Personality and Social Psychology Review 1088-8683
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 1042-2587
California Management Review 0008-1256
Journal of Travel Research 0047-2875
Journal of Health Management 0972-0634
Journal of South Asian Development 0973-1741
Foreign Trade Review 0015-7325
Journal of Emerging Market Finance 0972-6527
Psychology and Developing Societies 0971-3336
Journal of Human Values 0971-6858
China Report 0009-4455
South Asia Research 0262-7280
India Quarterly 0974-9284
Journal of Indian Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health 0973-1342
European Journal of Personality 0890-2070
ILR Review 0019-7939
Science, Technology and Society 0971-7218
Higher Education for the Future 2347-6311
International Studies 0020-8817
South Asia Economic Journal 1391-5614
Management and Labour Studies 0258-042X
Psychological Science 0956-7976
Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science 2515-2459
Contemporary Education Dialogue 0973-1849
Asia Pacific Media Educator 1326-365X
Psychological Science in the Public Interest 1529-1006
Vikalpa 0256-0909
Indian Journal of Human Development 0973-7030
International Journal of Rural Management 0973-0052
Sociological Bulletin 0038-0229
Current Directions in Psychological Science 0963-7214