Business Management and Accounting Journals List - 2024

Business Management and Accounting Journals List - Here's a compilation of leading journals in the Business Management and Accounting field that you can consistently consult and reference for your thesis and research papers. You can also consider submitting your research papers to these journals to demonstrate the quality and credibility of your work.

Business Management and Accounting Journals List 2024 ISSN
Journal of Small Business Management 1540-627X
International Journal of Human Resource Management 1466-4399
Journal of Services Marketing 0887-6045
AMS Review 1869-8182
European Management Journal 1873-5681
European Journal of Marketing 0309-0566
Journal of Marketing Management 1472-1376
Human Resource Development Review 1552-6712
Marketing Theory 1741-301X
Journal of International Business Policy 2522-0705
Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 1839-5260
Tourism Management Perspectives 2211-9744
Journal of Management Inquiry 1552-6542
Darshan The International Journal of Commerce and Management 2583-1682
Journal of Destination Marketing and Management 2212-5752
Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 1540-7306
Organization 1461-7323
Service Industries Journal 1743-9507
Human Resource Management Journal 1748-8583
Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management 1478-4092
Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management 1936-8631
British Journal of Management 1467-8551
Industrial Marketing Management 1873-2062
Journal of Knowledge Management 1367-3270
International Small Business Journal 0266-2426
Journal of Business Research 1873-7978
Business Horizons 0007-6813
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 0959-6119
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 0969-6989
Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing 2040-7122
ILR Review 2162-271X
Journal of Service Management 1757-5818
Supply Chain Management 1359-8546
International Journal of Hospitality Management 0278-4319
Global Strategy Journal 2042-5805
European Business Review 0955-534X
Journal of Retailing 0022-4359
Journal of Interactive Marketing 1520-6653
California Management Review 2162-8564
Review of Accounting Studies 1573-7136
Journal of Management Studies 1467-6486
Organization Studies 1741-3044
Strategic Management Journal 1097-0266
Academy of Management Perspectives 1943-4529
Journal of Business Venturing 1873-2003
Management Journal for Advanced Research 2583-1747
Organization Science 1526-5455
Revista Espacios 2739-0071
Global Journal of Research in Business Management 2583-6218
Academy of Management Review 1930-3807
Academy of Management Journal 1948-0989
International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Systems 0974-6250
Indian Journal of Marketing 0973-8703
Management and Labour Studies 2321-0710
FIIB Business Review 2455-2658
Journal of Management Research and Analysis 2394-2770
Global Business Review 0973-0664
Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management 0974-0198
Academy of Management Annals 1941-6067

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