Social Sciences Journals List - 2024

Social Sciences Journals List - Here's a compilation of leading journals in the Social Sciences field that you can consistently consult and reference for your thesis and research papers. You can also consider submitting your research papers to these journals to demonstrate the quality and credibility of your work.

Social Sciences Journals List 2024 ISSN
Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly 2161-430X
Neurobiology of Language 2641-4368
Academic Medicine 1938-808X
American Journal of Criminal Justice 1936-1351
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 1096-0465
Quantitative Science Studies 2641-3337
Journal of Law and Economics 1537-5285
Scientific Studies of Reading 1532-799X
International Migration Review 1747-7379
Qualitative Research 1468-7941
Journalism 1741-3001
Critical Studies in Education 1750-8495
Journal of Research on Adolescence 1532-7795
Journal of Black Psychology 1552-4558
Feminist Economics 1466-4372
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 1475-5661
Sociology of Religion 1069-4404
Journal of Higher Education 1538-4640
Theory and Research in Social Education 2163-1654
Public Administration 1467-9299
TESOL Quarterly 1545-7249
Justice Quarterly 1745-9109
African Affairs 1468-2621
Political Studies 1467-9248
Computers Environment and Urban Systems 1873-7587
Studies in Science Education 1940-8412
Environment and Urbanization 1746-0301
Social Science Computer Review 1552-8286
Journal of Criminal Justice 1873-6203
Journal of Intellectual Capital 1469-1930
The International Journal of Qualitative Methods 1609-4069
Building and Environment 1873-684X
Environment and Planning A 1472-3409
Journalism Studies 1469-9699
New Political Economy 1469-9923
Computers and Security 1872-6208
Electoral Studies 1873-6890
Journal of Family Theory and Review 1756-2589
Language Testing 0265-5322
Teaching and Teacher Education 1879-2480
Journal of Professional Capital and Community 2056-9556
Journal of Educational Computing Research 1541-4140
Global Environmental Politics 1536-0091
Canadian Journal of Political Science 1744-9324
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 1931-2393
Work Aging and Retirement 2054-4650
Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives 2590-1982
Medical Education 1365-2923
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 1365-2729
Journal of Cheminformatics 1758-2946
Early Childhood Research Quarterly 1873-7706
Group Processes and Intergroup Relations 1461-7188
Television and New Media 1552-8316
Econometric Theory 1469-4360
European Journal of International Relations 1354-0661
Media Culture and Society 1460-3675
Journal of Planning Literature 1552-6593
Journal of Aging and Social Policy 1545-0821
Internet Research 1066-2243
Geography Compass 1749-8198
Annals of the American Association of Geographers 2469-4460
Land Use Policy 1873-5754
New Technology Work and Employment 1468-005X
Developmental Psychology 1939-0599
Policy Design and Practice 2574-1292
Active Learning in Higher Education 1741-2625
Urban Geography 1938-2847
Economy and Society 1469-5766
Journal of Mixed Methods Research 1558-6901
Quaternary Science Reviews 1873-457X
Applied Linguistics 1477-450X
Studies in Higher Education 1470-174X
Cities 1873-6084
Applied Developmental Science 1532-480X
Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 1935-1062
Child Abuse and Neglect 1873-7757
Cognition and Instruction 1532-690X
Criminology and Public Policy 1745-9133
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 1468-0084
Journal of Industrial Ecology 1530-9290
Vehicular Communications 2214-210X
Computer Assisted Language Learning 1744-3210
Sustainability Science Practice and Policy 1548-7733
Crime Science 2193-7680
Regional Studies 1360-0591
European Sociological Review 1468-2672
Gender and Society 1552-3977
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 1557-9654
Human Communication Research 1468-2958
Journal of Research in Science Teaching 1098-2736
Science Communication 1552-8545
Educational Administration Quarterly 1552-3519
Journal of Archaeological Research 1573-7756
Social Problems 1533-8533
Entrepreneurship and Regional Development 1464-5114
Academy of Management Learning and Education 1944-9585
European Political Science Review 1755-7747
SSM Population Health 2352-8273
Democratization 1743-890X
International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management 0960-0035
Educational and Psychological Measurement 1552-3888
Open Mind 2470-2986
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication 1083-6101
Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics 2307-387X
Information Communication and Society 1369-118X
Economic Geography 0013-0095
Environmental Politics 0964-4016
Transport Policy 1879-310X
Journal of Transport Geography 0966-6923
Research on Language and Social Interaction 1532-7973
Review of International Organizations 1559-744X
Journal of Youth and Adolescence 1573-6601
Resources Policy 0301-4207
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 1367-0050
Tourism Review 1759-8451
Telematics and Informatics 1879-324X
Distance Education 1475-0198
Learning Media and Technology 1743-9892
Journal of Governance Security and Development 2709-0590
Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 2040-5804
Reading Research Quarterly 1936-2722
European Journal of Teacher Education 1469-5928
Food Policy 0306-9192
RSF 2377-8261
Journal of Memory and Language 1096-0821
Planning Theory 1741-3052
Journal of Imgelem 2602-4446
Journal of European Public Policy 1466-4429
Party Politics 1460-3683
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 1520-6688
Social Media and Society 2056-3051
Science Education 1098-237X
Journal of Economic Geography 1468-2710
Journal of Communication Sociology and History Studies 2791-7584
Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies 2578-1863
Demography 1533-7790
Child Development 1467-8624
Prohominum 2665-0169
Accident Analysis and Prevention 1879-2057
Biology of Sex Differences 2042-6410
Policy Studies Journal 1541-0072
System 0346-251X
International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning 1556-1615
Journal of Conflict Resolution 3250
Global Food Security 2211-9124
Oeconomia Copernicana 2353-1827
American Educational Research Journal 1935-1011
Perspectives on Public Management and Governance 2398-4929
Sociological Methods and Research 1552-8294
Social Science and Medicine 1873-5347

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